Saturday, March 08, 2003

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More information:

Who you gonna call? Hoaxbusters, the CIAC Hoax Pages -

Friday, March 07, 2003

I started this index without realizing that some of the links are going to the archive. If the links don't work, check the archives (linked in the left-hand frame). Happy blogging.

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There's a thread starting at iLearn on free downloadable ESL software:
Hot Potatoes of course
John Higgins's stuff:

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Venny likes ChatAnywhere from
you can have a text chat room anywhere; The limit is that you can only have no more than 3 persons in a room.

He is also keen on ICUii at According to the site:
"ICUII ( I See You Too ) allows you to send and receive audio, text, and color video using the Internet. You can send and receive in real time, or you can send Quick Messages (quick messages, or instant messages) using ICUII. You can record video and audio with your message. ICUII also includes full audio, video and chat conferencing. You can see, talk, and chat with multiple people at the same time."

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The A.L.I.C.E. Foundation, Promoting the adoption and development of Alicebot and AIML free software:

DAVE E.S.L. bot - "The A. I. Chat Robot DAVE replies in perfect English just like a human chat partner, but is completely safe and will never contact you by email or phone. You can chat about any topic for as long as you like up to one month. The bot is available on your own private web site 24/7 for unlimited chat. Practice English and enjoy friendly, safe chat!"
Chat with the A.L.I.C.E. Bot:

See a transcript of a chat with two A.L.I.C.E. Bots talking to each other:
from Miscellaneous Ramblings, A Weblog By Nik Cubrilovic

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

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More information:

Chris Jones found an interesting online publication called Sidebars.
The home page is at:
This month's issue about learning communities is at:

Chris comments "I thought it was interesting because the theme of the current issue
is Learning Communities. Articles and resources cover a wide range of
communities of online learners, from informally-organized groups to
formal networks of educational institutions. It is published by the
Learning Resources Unit of the British Columbia Institute of

Make music online:
Create your own band at
Flash musical ambience: v2.0b
Learn to Program Interactive 3D Graphics - from the website:
"Alice v2.0b is the next major version of the Alice 3D Authoring system, from the Stage3 Research Group at Carnegie Mellon University. It has been completely rewritten from scratch over the last two years. The focus of the Alice project is now to provide the best possible first exposure to programming for students ranging from middle schoolers to college students."

Monday, March 03, 2003
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Sunday, March 02, 2003
Watch time pass you by here

PrintKey is a great utility - when you press ptrscr it opens an interface that lets you crop and easily save
better than pasting to another application, got to try it to see what I mean
I'm using v5.10full of PrintKey2000. On the About splash screen is says "Free use for an individual or company"
But if you visit the website you are offered "Version 1.03 ( 04 Dec 2001 ) For Win95, Win98, NT4.0, Windows2000, WindowsME, WindowsXP FREE 30 Day Trial Full Feature V1.03" from with a $19.95 charge thereafter.

An equally amazing program (I am told) is Gadwin
A link from the page above to licensing info states that it's freeware and there is no license fee.