Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Gilly Salmon's book on
e-moderating. The model for CMC she presents in the book can be quite
useful (both as a guide for planning and designing CMC, and a description
of what may evolve in stages over time). The training of e-moderators is
one other key topic. The book also has practical materials for
practitioners in the Resources section. You may want to check the web site
accompanying the book:

Review of E-moderating - The Key to Teaching and Learning Onlline.
Open and Distance Learning Series. Gilly Salmon; Reviewed by N. A. J.
Moore. Language Learning & Technology. Available at:

While you are about it you might as well have a look at these brief
articles by two other leading practitioners: (Morten Flate Paulsen,
NKI College of Computer Science, Oslo, Norway) (Robin Mason, Institute of
Educational Technology, OU UK)

Daf has finally finished sorting out the messages for week 5, you will
find them here:

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Classroom connect with Connected University (professional development) and Classroom Today and The Quest Channel for teaching resources. Also Connected Worshops and Connected Conferences. 2-week Trial subscriptions are available, and this is a password protected site. There is no obvious place on the site to find how much membership costs after 2 weeks.

"Integrating content and language: Meeting the challenge of a multilingual higher education"
Maastricht University, the Netherlands, is pleased to host the first conference in Europe that specifically addresses issues affecting the interface between content and language in higher education.
The conference will focus on higher education that is delivered in a second/foreign language in a country where the language is not widely used in the local environment. In most cases, but not all, this concerns higher education in English in a non-English-speaking country.
General Conference Topics:
a.. The Cultural Component in English-as-a-foreign-language Classes
b.. Practical Approaches to Teaching the Four Language Skills
c.. Instructors' Reactions to Learners' Perceptions of the Target Language
d.. Making Students Communicate in the Classroom
Deadline for submission of proposals: Monday 17 March 2003

Cave of Magic card trick:
This came from

animated films from - people who made toy story - the snowman is good

This is cool: how long does it take You to figure out if the computer is really psychic

UAE weather for diving at and then drill through World > Middle East > UAE > Fujairah
Abu Dhabi airport:
Abu Dhabi sea conditions:

Sharja airport:
(not much help, no sea conditions)

Curtis Bonk's sites:
From this website:
try and click on UAE for the talks he's given the past couple of days for some of his publications
Also SurveyShare and ResourceShare

The IASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education
~CATE 2003~
Including the IASTED International Symposium on Web-based Education
~WBE 2003~
June 30 - July 2, 2003
Rhodes, Greece

Here's one for the conferences page:
The world's premier Flash event, Flashforward2003 San Francisco focuses exclusively on Macromedia(R) Flash MX™ and offers one day of four in-depth workshops, two days of 22 educational seminars, 20 Meet the Speakers Question and Answer sessions, 11 Technology Showcase sessions, 17 Ask the Experts sessions ... geared toward intermediate to advanced Flash users, and offers sessions that are educational, inspirational, and technical.
> Flashforward2003 San Francisco
> The World’s Premier Flash Event
> March 26-28, 2003
> Herbst Theatre
> San Francisco, California, USA